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Rates Statement

🚨 A Note on Billing at Hustle Agency

Billing with Hustle Agency works by purchasing a set of block hours. We use block hours to ensure that your commitment to our work includes a dedicated team to carry out deliverables.

Hustle’s block hours approach works in the following manner:

  1. Hours are pre-paid before work commences with 14-days payment terms.
  2. The team is assigned and allocated the block hours purchased.
  3. The assigned team will complete the work up-to the included hours in the pre-payment using Tracking Time to ensure all hours are logged against the work.
  4. As the team approaches the end of the block Hustle will reach out to discuss next steps with either a finished product or brief on what outstanding work is required to be completed and how many more hours are required for prepayment.
  5. Minimum block of hours is 20 hours, purchased at a minimum hourly rate of $159+GST (2023 rate).
  6. Pre-paid hours do not expire they can only be expended. 

Last updated: 22/02/2023

Why do we bill in block hours?

💎 Transparency

Tracking time tools allow us to give you a completely transparent view of how long each task has taken to be completed.

🐰 Ability to be nimble

Fixed pricing means fixed scope. With block hours, we’re able to respond to opportunities and market forces that you or we may come across during the project duration.

🤝 Equality

Block hours mean that there is no loser in the equation. You pay for what we get. We get paid for the work that we do. Fixed pricing encourages agencies to use less resources to complete the job equalling more money for the agency.