Combined Shape

Business partnerships are built on common objectives.

Business Partnerships Are Built On Common Objectives Before setting sail with a business partner, test the waters Starting a business, is simple. All you need is an idea and a go-get-em attitude. Starting a successful business, well that usually involves a few more steps. Part of the difficulty of making a business – successful, is […]

Is this the quickest side hustle launch ever?

Is this the quickest side hustle launch ever? Rewarded after six hours of work The business of creating products is a tricky one. Launching a brand is even trickier. There are a number of decisions to be made, resources to be allocated and plans to be put in place. Every action needs to be scrutinised […]

Just launch it already

Just launch it already Trying to be perfect MVPs or ‘Minimal Viable Products’ are business ventures that are launched into the market with only a small set of functions. They’re valued by pragmatic brands, who’re less interested in a product needing to look like it’s been around for ten years in the first three months […]

We lost focus… Here is how we got it back

We lost focus… Here is how we got it back Where we dropped the ball Losing focus, dropping the ball? Before we get to that, the first thing you should know is that we’ve started a podcast on YouTube. We’ve called it ‘The Venture Beyond Podcast’. In the podcast we talk through the day-to-day experiences […]